NewsThe Witcher season 2, episode 7 recap: A change of heart

The Witcher season 2, episode 7 recap: A change of heart

Can alliances and friendships survive the penultimate episode?

In the penultimate episode of The Witcher’s second season, all hell breaks free, with betrayals on all fronts. After a nice a capella sing-song together, Nilfgaard and the elves' friendship breaks down, Yen has run off with Ciri, and Jaskier says goodbye to his new mice mates.

There’s a little warmth here and there, but as we get closer to the end, the activity picks up.

Yen and Ciri appear in the home of the woman who raised Ciri as her own in the first season, close to Cintra and where she met Geralt.

The Witcher season 2, episode 7

She used to feel comfortable there, but that no longer holds true now that fire-fucker Rience has arrived.

Ciri is overcome by grief for the death of someone who assisted her, and she is concerned for Geralt’s safety.

Yen, ever the opportunist, convinces her that Geralt has been kidnapped by Nilfgaard and is being kept in Cintra, which is conveniently close to the black door she needs to sacrifice Ciri.

They come upon a ruined bridge, and Yen pushes Ciri to try to repair it, but she quickly bleeds from her eyes, indicating that she isn’t ready for such power.

Ciri yells angrily, and they are teleported to the opposite side of the river, giving us a glimpse of Ciri’s teleportation abilities.

When Ciri realizes that Yen is about to hand her up, they share a telekinetic moment, but Yen advises her to flee if she wants because she can’t do it.

Ciri yells that she can’t trust her, drawing the attention of the Nilfgaardians.

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In the meantime, Geralt exits the shrine and goes in search of Jaskier, who is singing with sincerity. Before they start off in search of Yen and Ciri, they share a passionate hug, and Geralt apologizes for abandoning him on a mountain.

Before that, they talk about Yen, and Jaskier discloses that she vanished while murmuring about a cottage, and Geralt realizes who they’re up against: Voleth Meir, the Deathless Mother.

She first appeared when monsters appeared at the beginning of the Conjunction of the Spheres, and she is an ancient and terrifying entity.

On their way, they run with Yarpen Zigrin and his gang of dwarves, who decide to accompany them on their covert mission to save Ciri.

You may recall them from the first season’s dragon quest, and he’s still as obnoxious as ever.

„I have no remembrance of any of these people,” Jaskier says, which sums up the mood of 2021.
Soon after, the convoy encounters Yen and Ciri, who are battling the Nildgaardians outside of Cintra. Ciri is saved by Geralt, who draws his sword to Yennefer’s neck and orders Jaskier to return him to Kaer Morhen.

Despite Geralt’s obvious anguish over Yen’s betrayal of him and Ciri, the two set out in pursuit of Voleth Meir.

They’re too late; she’s broken free and is looking for a ship after consuming enough agony from Yen, Ciri, Fringilla, and Francesca. There are no guesses as to who it will be.

The elves have decided not to battle for Nilfgaard after the birth of the baby. Fringilla had to suffer with more brutality from Hake, and she eventually shows up in Aretuza, pleading for rescue from her uncle Artorious.

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Artorious, like Hake and Cahir, says he’s delighted she’s realized she’s out of her depth and not all that powerful, which she misinterprets as a threat.

Fringilla has been greatly underestimated thus far, so she does what any powerful sorceress would do: she uses a potion to paralyze Cahir, Hake, and other soldiers, then murders them slowly.

She carefully stabs a knife into Hake’s eye, and it’s quite nasty. Cahir is spared since she expects him to gush about her to the Emperor when he arrives. Hake, perhaps you should have let her be a leader.

Before everything goes wrong for Francesca and Filavandrel, they enjoy a day or two with their baby. Remember how I mentioned that Voleth Meir thrives on despair? Francesca has been informed she will have her baby if she stays with Nilfgaard.

She’s being punished now that she’s changed her mind. Unfortunately, the much-desired child is killed in the middle of the night. Grief consumes them both, and it’s evident that their partnership is ended, since Francesca is likely to seek vengeance.

Now that Voleth Meir has broken free from her prison—despite the first Witcher’s wishes for her to stay there indefinitely—she hunts down Ciri on the route to Kaer Morhen and possesses her. Gather as many elixirs as you can because it appears like Kaer Morhen will see a large battle.

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