NewsTravis Hunter, a top football recruit, has de-committed from Florida State and...

Travis Hunter, a top football recruit, has de-committed from Florida State and has decided to attend Jackson State and Coach Prime.

Leading football hire Travis Hunter de-commits from FSU and heads to Jackson State and Coach Prime
Among the country’s leading high school football employees, Travis Hunter, will no longer be a Seminole in the Fall. Hunter revealed his dedication to Jackson State University Wednesday afternoon, where he will bet head coach Deion Sanders.

Travis Hunter

Sanders was a two-time agreement All-American cornerback when he bet Florida State University from 1985-1988.

Hunter made the statement along with his colleagues at Collins Hill High School in Suwanee, Georgia. Considering that March 2020, Hunter had actually been devoted to FSU and stayed in Florida State’s recruiting class regardless of interest from the University of Georgia, situated in his house state. He instantly ends up being the most extremely promoted hire in Jackson State’s 2022 class and will be thought about among the most gifted employees to ever dedicate to a traditionally black college or university.

In a statement on his Twitter account, Hunter acknowledged that Florida State has actually „constantly been a beacon” for him, however stated his future is at Jackson State. He likewise referenced football stars that played their college football at HBCU’s, consisting of Jerry Rice, Doug Williams, and Walter Payton (who dipped into Jackson State from 1971 to 1974).

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Weeks prior to today’s statement in an interview with Georgia Public Broadcasting, Hunter was asked why he devoted to Florida State.

” I’m going to go ahead and reconstruct the program like Deion Sanders did when he was there,” Hunter stated of his then-decision.

Hunter is the very first luxury hire to go to a Department I FCS school and will be among the most skilled gamers to ever dedicate to a traditionally black college or university.

Speaking throughout an interview later on in the day, FSU head football coach Mike Norvell promoted the group’s brand-new signees.

” This is a class that attended to a great deal of the requirements we had,” he stated. „I actually like where we began and am delighted about what we have actually seen today.”

This is the very first National Finalizing Day to occur in the Name, Image, and Similarity period and follows the NCAA enabled student-athletes to make money from their skills without harming their eligibility to play. When asked how the program addresses gamers who have actually been devoted for a very long time however do not sign, and the effect it has on other signees, Norvell talked around the problem.

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” I’m simply grateful for every single boy that I have actually gotten to being in their houses and got a possibility share the chance of what Florida State needs to provide. We have actually had 14 fantastic boys who have actually joined our program today, which’s going to be our focus and what we’re going to continue to push forward with and make certain that each boy who enters into our program is the ideal fit and is assisting continue to develop our program to where it requires to go, and I am thrilled about that group, today.”


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