The Full Moon of December 8 marks the beginning of a positive period for these signs of the zodiac: they will be well until the end of the year

The Full Moon on December 8 will be a good omen for the natives of three astrological signs. Indeed, this astral configuration, which will take place in the sign of Gemini, will play an important role in positively influencing their relationships and daily exchanges.

It will also be an opportunity for them to take stock and make decisions for the future. Find out if you are one of the lucky ones.


Called the „Cold Full Moon” by the Native Americans, the last Full Moon of the year will occur at 5:59 am (French time) in Gemini.

Thanks to the energy of this Air sign, some zodiac signs will have the chance to accomplish great projects and carry out their activities in a joyful and good mood.

They will show optimism, curiosity and conviviality before undertaking any action that concerns their family, emotional and professional life.

What are the favoured signs of the zodiac during the Full Moon?
Astrology honours three signs of the zodiac during this month. From December 8 onwards, they can expect to experience good events and receive excellent news in many areas.


Among the signs in the limelight this December, we find the sign of Aries. This sign will be able to multiply its efforts at work and reap many rewards at the end of the year.

The Full Moon in Gemini will boost their motivation and help them overcome all the obstacles and unforeseen events of everyday life.

In December, this Fire sign will also be able to give a second chance to his friendships and love relationships. In the next few days, an unexpected encounter could take place.

It will be someone from his family or friends whom he has lost sight of. This meeting will awaken old memories and unique feelings.

He will be surprised to share new moments of complicity which will bring a good dose of lightness to his daily life.


The sign of Taurus is also one of the lucky signs of the zodiac in December. This earth sign will finally be master of its destiny and will be able to make certain dreams and wishes come true.

The stars will accompany them throughout the month so that all their objectives are achieved. Thanks to the energy of the Full Moon, Taurus will also be able to receive a substantial sum of money which will allow him to make a large purchase or a successful transaction.

However, he should avoid any hasty decisions on Thursday, December 8, as well as long journeys which can be tedious. In terms of relationships, a climate of understanding will be on the agenda at the family level.

Children will be a source of daily joy. In addition, some conflicts with relatives can be eradicated before the end of the month.


From December 8, the sign of Scorpio will finally be able to start a new chapter in its life. After some difficulties at the beginning of the month, this Water sign will be able to serenely welcome positive changes in its personal and professional life.

They will have the opportunity to take charge of their lives following a move to a new flat or a new city. Some people will also be able to change their professional orientation or start studying at a new university.

All of these changes will also be financially beneficial and will add value to your life. One thing is certain, despite some frustrations, the Scorpio sign will make sure to preserve its optimism and good mood.

The stars invite him to be patient and enjoy a long period of calm.


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